Skin Toner

Skin Toner


268ml – For Sensitive and Dry Skin Types

The high concentration of organic Aloe Vera and organic Rose Water brighten, rehydrate and tone the skin. Rose water works to calm the skin from irritations and helps to reduce redness, the lavender water helps to balance skin's oils, it will leave the skin feeling fresh and restored.

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  1. To hydrate the skin mist on a generous amount of Skin Toner about five or more full sprays onto cleansed face and neck.
  2. Follow with Royal Jelly Serum and one of our Moisturizers suitable for your skin type.
  3. To achieve a continued hydrating and refreshing feeling throughout the day, our Facial Toners can be sprayed on several times a day.


*Aloe Vera, *Rose Water, *Lavender Water, *Ylang Ylang Extract and *Rosemary Extracts. Made without alcohol.

*Certified Organic
Gluten Free


This skin toner helps balance the skin’s natural pH level and removes tap water residue. You can even use it after a shower or bath.

In the cold winter months when the heater is on and your skin feels dry or in the summer when the air conditioner is on mist some Skin Toner throughout the day to help keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

The soft herbal scent in the Skin Toner helps to keep you feeling peaceful and grounded.

Made without alcohol, means soft, supple skin.