Our Story


Handmade in Small Batches

Handmade with love in small batches, ensures a fresh, effective product. We help to support the local, Canadian economy by purchasing the raw materials from small Canadian farmers as much as possible. By doing so, we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint by lowering transportation waste all the while helping to support our farmers and economy.  The Organic Shea Butter is purchased from a group of women in Burkina Faso, Africa, helping give income to the women of Africa thus empowering them.

We use Certified Organic ingredients, No sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, No alcohol, No GMOs, No petroleum-based products, paraben Free, No synthetic ingredients or fragrances, NEVER tested on animals, mineral oil Free. They are completely natural and made to heal the skin in a natural and holistic way.


Reduce Reuse and Recycle your Simply Natural glass jars - it's good for you and for the planet!

At Simply Natural we believe in helping the planet by reducing, waste and re-using and recycling. That is why every glass jar that we use is always returnable and refunded where purchased.

When they are returned, they go through an all natural sanitization process, and then they are re-filled to be used again and again.

We go the extra mile to make sure that sustainable resources are always used when making, packaging and shipping our products.


Proudly Canadian and Family owned
and Operated for over 34 years

A proudly Canadian owned and operated family business since 1985. We have developed our line of products entirely dedicated to wellness and beauty of naturally, healthy skin. Simply Natural was founded to help the skin heal itself with the help of nature. Using pure, healing plant based ingredients that work with nature and help heal the skin from within.

Years of continued research on the impact that chemicals have on the planet and our bodies, we have developed a passion for using as many pure, natural, organic and eco-friendly resources as possible. We use minimal packaging, glass reusable jars, and try to cut waste whenever possible.

Working in synchronicity with nature’s healing ingredients and the skin’s ability to heal itself. We keep the ingredients simple and to a minimum. We use organic steam-distilled essential oils, cold-extracted healing herbs (using the Ayurvedic method), allows skin to let it balance out without too much stimulation from the product.

We love
glass jar returns!

Bring back your empty
70ml jars where purchased